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The Nationale Suisse Collection Visits the Teufelhof

The current exhibition at the Teufelhof showcases “Contemporary Swiss Artists from the Nationale Suisse Collection” from August 2013 to July 2014

Selected works by contemporary Swiss artists from the Nationale Suisse Collection are currently on show at the Teufelhof. They can be found in the Bel Etage gourmet restaurant, the Bar, the Atelier Restaurant, the reception area and the Shine & Dine Room. This is the second time that parts of the Nationale Suisse collection have been exhibited at the Teufelhof, Basel’s cultural guest house.
The Nationale Suisse art collection is one of Switzerland’s most important corporate collections. Already representing 70 years of acquiring contemporary art by Swiss artists, the collection meanwhile contains over 1500 works by over 400 artists, with the accent on paintings, works on paper, sculptures and photographs from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. As pieces from the collection are displayed at the company’s headquarters in Basel and at its numerous Swiss branch offices, art forms part of the daily working environment of the staff at Nationale Suisse.
The collection has been shown publicly several times, most recently at the Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf in 2008/2009. A catalogue published in collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Art Research in 2005 features a history of the collection, texts on selected pieces and a complete inventory of the works acquired up to the year 2000. A second volume, with the acquisitions made between 2001 and 2010, appeared in 2012.
The present exhibition of “Contemporary Swiss Artists from the Nationale Suisse Collection” is on show at the Teufelhof from August 2013 through July 2014. It is the collaborative effort of two institutions that share the same passion for art and culture.

Nationale Suisse and its Commitment to Art
Art is very important at Nationale Suisse, as is borne out by the company’s claim to promoting “The Art of Insurance” and by its expertise as an art insurer. Going out from the premise that a company wanting to insure art should also know and support art, Nationale Suisse maintains a strong active commitment to art. The art collection is one part of this commitment. A further facet is the Nationale Suisse Art Prize for the advancement of emerging young artists at the start of their careers. The prize is awarded to graduates of Swiss art colleges.
Nationale Suisse also supported and partnered a conservation project at the Fondation Beyeler from 2009 to 2012. On the basis of extensive art-historical research and technical analysis, one of Henri Matisse’s last works, “Acanthes”, was meticulously restored and conserved. The task was carried out in a specially equipped, glassed-in studio, before the eyes of the visitors to the Fondation Beyeler.
Another aspect of the Nationale Suisse commitment to art is the internet project In parallel to the company’s annual compilation of facts and figures, an internet blog ( features a correspondence between artist Andrea Heller and author Max Küng. The resulting “Art Report” is an integrative element in the design of the Nationale Suisse financial report.

Der Teufelhof Basel and its Commitment to Art
Der Teufelhof Basel calls itself a “cultural guest house”. This description expresses the ongoing motivation of our work: culture. Culture is a key element in our everyday operations. Der Teufelhof Basel is a unique world of 33 hotel rooms, each with a character of its own. These rooms are either in the historical building we call the Art Hotel or in the more modern wing, the Gallery Hotel. The Art Hotel has eight rooms and one suite, each of which is created as an inhabitable work of art. The Gallery Hotel, with its 18 rooms, three junior suites and three suites, shows changing thematic exhibitions. Further cultural focuses are the classically playful theatre and the diverse artworks that can be admired in and around the building. What is more, the Teufelhof regularly demonstrates its commitment to cultural issues, be it by promoting a wide range of projects or realising exciting ideas within its own walls. Our aim is for the Teufelhof to serve as a mediator: we would like it to be a place where visitors to the theatre become aware of culinary culture and the visual arts; where gourmets become curious about theatrical work, exhibitions, and art-inspired rooms; and where admirers of art installations can learn to appreciate the culture of food and the art of the stage. We see our guests as our partners: partners on a common journey of discovery through the worlds of dining, hospitality, the theatre and art. We live this principle every day and use a substantial percentage of our budget for the promotion of culture in and around the Teufelhof.

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