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Exhibition at the Gallery Hotel “Home away from home”

Artists Joseph Egan, Maria Magdalena Z’Graggen, Viktor Kolibàl and Judith Schifferle will be showing work at the Gallery Hotel of the Teufelhof from August 2013 to July 2014.

Parallel to the exhibition of ” Contemporary Swiss Artists from the Nationale Suisse Collection” in the Atelier, Bel Etage and Bar, the Gallery Hotel is also showing a new exhibition, entitled “Home away from home“. Conceived by the Nationale Suisse curators, Andreas Karcher and Nathalie Loch, in collaboration with the artists, it also runs until June 2014. Superb works by Joseph Egan, Viktor Kolibàl, Judith Schifferle, and Maria Magdalena Z’Graggen will be on display on all three floors and in the rooms of the Gallery Hotel. The Teufelhof team are delighted once again to be able to call on the know-how of the specialists at Nationale Suisse in presenting a striking, high-quality exhibition.
Raphael Wyniger

Joseph Egan
“A hotel can be „home away from home“. It is a place of chambers and dreams and chance encounters. A guest usually has one room in which to rest and recover. If this room were to contain original art, over the course of a year the art works would be there for quite some different people! Der Teufelhof Basel is such a place who invites artists to surprise the guests with art works in the rooms and corridors. I have great pleasure to place my artworks in the living environment of the hotel. They become an active part of the world outside of my quiet studio in Ziegelbrücke. The joy of experiencing them for a night or two hopefully adds something special to the visit to Basel, an unexpected encounter and perhaps a window into the poetic realm from which they come. “
Joseph Egan was born in Scranton, PA, USA, in 1952. He discovered the wonders of paint, colour and brushes as a child and has been following this inspiration ever since. He completed his studies in art and art history with a Masters Degree from the Yale School of Art and Architecture in 1977. A scholarship from the BINZ39 Foundation in 1987 brought him to Zurich, giving him his first chance to live and work in Europe. Egan and his Swiss wife have been living in Zurich since their marriage in 1996. He is represented by the Annemarie Verna Galerie in Zurich.

Viktor Kolibàl
Viktor Kolibàl’s early interest in photography focused on the “self” as a pictorial subject. This photographic, and sometimes cinematic, quest for another self led him through architectonic and urban spaces, culminating in his group of architectural portraits. The panoramas shown here situate his self-images in architectural spaces and landscapes in the form of a performative journey through Finland. The time the pictures were taken, the movement of the camera, perspective as directionlessness, repetition, automatic shutter release: all of them become concepts guiding Kolibàl’s works.
Viktor Kolibàl was born in Olten in 1967. He studied with Jürg Stäuble, Hannah Villiger and André Lehmann at the Basel School of Design and has had work stays in Budapest und Helsinki. He lives in Basel and has worked freelance since 1999.

Judith Schifferle
The texts accompanying Viktor Kolibàl’s panoramas take up the (personal) challenge of coping with distance. “Home away from home” – strange, yet familiar – defines the nature of word and image. Here they enter into dialogue in an attempt to stretch time; not to interrupt the silence, but to suspend the monologue with the past that is inherent to photography and writing. The (poetic) I or Thou detects the present that energises the picture.
Judith Schifferle was born in Grenchen in 1978. She studied literature, art history and European ethnology in Basel and Vienna, obtaining her doctorate in 2011. Since 2003 she has spent extended periods working in eastern Siberia and Ukraine. She is currently a cultural and literary mediator with Wisent Reisen and the Philosophicum Basel.

Maria Magdalena Z’Graggen
As a painter, Maria Magdalena Z’Graggen seeks to explore the process, techniques and history of painting, which become a starting point and point of reference. Until a few years ago her painting probed the medium itself, serving as both an instrument and the result of this research. Today the artist is concerned, first and foremost, with discovering how to create complexity in painting with a minimum of means and actions. On her quest, she has produced watercolours, works in oil on paper or canvas and, most recently, sculptures as well.
The daughter of an Italian mother and a Swiss father, Maria Magdalena Z’Graggen was born in Basel in 1958. Travel and foreign countries became formative influences early on. After an extended stay in Brazil, she studied with Werner von Mutzenbecher, André Lehmann and René Pulfer at the Basel Academy of Art and Design, and with David Reed, Hans Haacke and Robert Breer at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. She has since had exhibitions in Europe, the USA, South Korea and Cuba, and has spent time working in the American Southwest and Argentina (2013). Ms. Z’Graggen teaches at the Basel Academy of Art and Design.

All of the works on show are available for purchase. We will be happy to give you information on the individual works at the Reception Desk.