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The wine list

The wine list includes over 450 wines. It’s not about paying homage to great names, but finding great vintners and telling our guests about their wines. Another goal is to offer wines from European wine-growing areas and not from the remotest parts of the Earth. This is done out of the simple consideration that there must be still be plenty of good wines left to discover and enjoy here, without them having to go on a world tour first.

The digestif list

The Schnapps list is very often neglected in gastronomy. Here as well we have tried to close the gap by very deliberately looking out for both unknown and well-known producers. This enables us to offer a wide range of different types of Grappa. Naturally, the malt whisky classics from the Highlands, Speyside, Lowlands and Islay are present. And those who would like to enjoy a nightcap can delight in a 40 year-old port.
The spirits menu (pdf, 566.0 KB)