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Art Hotel

The Art Hotel has eight rooms and one suite, all of which are appointed as liveable works of art. The rooms are redesigned by artists at regular intervals. The idea is that guests live in a work of art, instead of just viewing art in their rooms in the usual way. A play on words perhaps, but one that has great significance in terms of its implementation. Because: the intent is to empower the guest to experience art in a new context.

Especially business people who travel a lot enjoy staying in rooms which are not like the hotel rooms they know from their visits throughout the world. We do everything to make our guest feel at home and not at an anonymous hotel.
All our rooms are non-smoking rooms and dispose of CD-radio alarm clock, television, Nespresso coffee machine for free use, safe, mineral water, telephone and Public Wireless LAN installation. The rooms at the Art Hotel can be reached via stairs.

The Art Rooms

The eight rooms of the Kunsthotel (Art Hotel) were refurnished in the summer of 2010. Not by eight different artists this time, but by the former initiator of Teufelhof, Dominique Thommy-Kneschaurek, who realised a number of art room series in previous years. On this occasion, he didn’t base his work on a single topic, but dedicated his activity to experiencing colours. The result of this is that all eight rooms are decorated in a different hue that dominates the whole room. This means that not only the walls, but also the ceilings and all the doors shine in the same colour. One wall in each room features a blow-up of a fruit, vegetable or blossom branch that either contrasts with the background or echoes its hue. The photos were provided by photographer Charles Weber from Geneva, who now lives in Greece and has twice exhibited his photographic work at Teufelhof.
Guests who book rooms in our art hotel make a conscious decision to embark on a voyage of discovery. This time it is an emotional voyage of discovery into the world of colour. Our hotel guests’ impressions will be just as varied as the spectrum of colours in the individual rooms.