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«Lettered ART»

The entire building complex of the Galeriehotel serves as a stage for art exhibitions. Different exhibitions are displayed on a continuous basis; each for one year. The Teufelhof develops the concept and design of the exhibitions itself. It is possible to present either comprehensive retrospectives or interesting contrasts owing to the extensive exhibition space, which covers three floors.

The current exhibition is dedicated to «handwriting/lettering/alphabet». 18 artists are included in this group exhibition and each of them show between one and eight artworks fitting the topic. Sometimes the letters are in the foreground, sometimes the words are hidden or integrated later on and imbedded in the image. In the exhibition, you can detect flagrantly painted book pages, photographs with lettered motifs, people and buildings, as well as artistically painted letters, abstracted paintings with imbedded and interlaced handwriting. A rich in text, exciting, varied, but still connected choice of «lettered art» from all over the world at the Teufelhof.

«A picture is worth a thousand words» …,

but what if the words are anchored, hidden, randomized or linked to the artwork? Will you read the words or will you let the complete picture sink in first? On the other hand, will you first see the interaction between the colours, the composition or the deepness of the picture? Come on this expedition with us, and find out which picture or word fragments will touch you first. All works are literally for sale.

You can find the whole documentation of the exhibition here.


The current exhibition in the room «Shine & Dine»


Timeless snapshots of Jean Jeanneret (Paris / France)

Initially a photographer, a film-maker, and an artist transcending the genre, Jean Jeanneret is an alchemist of the photographic material.
Starting from analog photography, Jean Jeanneret alters photography through digital technology and takes us into his stellar world where the picture becomes a fractal object. He thus tells us about a world between the infinitely great and the infinitesimal that echoes a chromogenic reaction, a chemistry of colours.
The work resonates through tiny silver salt grains and big deep flat color blocks.
The more we look, the more the intensity that comes out brings us a strong feeling, reinforced by the mirror aspect of the Plexiglas reflecting us back to our own image.
He breaks our reality in irregularlies to stigmatize the times.
From a photographic snapshot, a memory, Jean Jeanneret shapes a work that is in perpetual movement, leaving us with a sensation of  timelessness.

Text: Carl Wormser

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail