Current Exhibitions

The current exhibition at the gallery hotel

International artists show their art at the exhibition in the gallery hotel at the Teufelhof
The current exhibition is dedicated to „Mixed Media". 
The artistic person that works, creates and explores in this area is adventurous exploits all possibilities of materials. In this area there are no limits, everything can and must be incorporated in the artwork. Mixed Media simply means that more than one media is used in the artwork and is visible at the end. Often Mixed Media artist develop their own techniques with their own material connections. 

We criss-crossed this wonderful, limitless and incredibly expansive field of art, dived deep into it and launched an open call to find Mixed Media artists, who create artworks with various techniques, materials, tools and applications. A large, colourful, mixed range of possibilities! 

We found 16 wonderful, international artists, who are now exposing their works at the Gallery Hotel. The 57 artwork are exposed in the 24 rooms of the hotel and in the hallways. You can see and buy these works during one year.

The exhibition in the room "Shine & Dine"

The artist Elena Politowa has studied art and architecture in the Russia and in Germany. Today she runs her own art school in Lörrach.

Since 2011, Elena is grappling with the subject "clouds". Four works from this series can be seen in the room Shine & Dine at the Teufelhof.

Elena writes the following about her cloud pictures:
"On the colour blue lies white, on the white lies the colour grey, within the grey the colours yellow, pink, purple, orange... are shimmering. So many layers. Heaven is like our memory: one layer overlaps the other, however leaves the underlayer partially visible. It's like a life with days full of happenings. An image always has a story in a layer. If the impulse arises to paint over a picture, from whatever reason, a new story begins in the form of a new layer. Is this the end? Who knows ... 

The clouds become a motif and a symbol. It's possible to recognize oneself in it. Everything that happens in the soul is reflected in the sky. Particular before or during the storm - in the nature and in myself. The whole passion I live with, is visible in the clouds.

I don't need anything to create those pictures, just the sky - out of my window and out of my subconscious. The technical questions are asked and answered just like in John Constable's work. Layer by layer the sky arises. Ideally, just as nature makes it: free, easy, imaginative and yet following the laws of nature. There is the shape, the light and the shadow, however unforced, cursory and light as a feather."

Brochure "Mixed Media" (pdf, 5.7 MB)

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail