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At the Gallery Hotel

«Three views from 30 years»

an anniversary exhibition

As part of the Teufelhof anniversary, the exhibition in the Galeriehotel pays tribute to and celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Teufelhof. We have picked out three artists who have already exhibited in the Teufelhof in recent years. Thus a completely new exhibition in a new constellation is born. The three women will exhibit their paintings in the 24 rooms and corridors of the gallery hotel until summer 2020. All three use the medium of photography as the basis for their works and process their pictures in very different ways.


Sue Irion

The pictures of Sue Irion hang on the first floor of the gallery hotel. Sue was born in Basel, lives and works here. Her pictures show street scenes, city views, nature scenes, people in their natural environment, all motifs from everyday life that open the door to the viewer's own fantasy story. The monochrome colourfulness of her pictures evokes an atmosphere that is close to surrealism. The moments captured with the camera lose their transience and are intensified when transferred to the canvas. Her technique is based on a photo emulsion that mixes light-sensitive substances and photo negatives to form a structure.

Rosa Lachenmeier

In 2002 Rosa Lachenmeier exhibited together with Kira Weber and Simone Berger & Carlos Varela at the Gallery Hotel. Rosa is inspired by her everyday surroundings and captures her visual experiences photographically. These are the raw materials she uses for her collages and paintings. She pays attention to situations that embody something like the neuralgic places of our time: people in motion or alone in space, urban light alternating from day to night, the construction and demolition of architecture as a metaphor of change, containers as the cipher of globalization and standardization. In this way, works with rhythms and structures are created, works that spring from architectural structures. Images with superimposed pictorial elements and incredible depth, in which each and everyone in the imagination can form his or her own image and move in associative space. Rosa's powerful paintings can be seen on the 2nd floor of the Gallery Hotel.

Marlies Achermann-Gisinger

In 2015 Marlies Achermann-Gisinger from Bonstetten was one of the participating artists in the group exhibition " Mixed Media " at the Gallery Hotel. Marlies perceives her surroundings attentively and captures them photographically. These photographs serve as inspiration for the artist and are the starting point for her experimental "painting behind glass". Only fragments of photographs are used. After a nitro frottage, the artist applies acrylic paint and carves and collages various materials behind the glass. Layer by layer, the existing is obscured. Word fragments, paper, paint and frottage overlap and complement each other. The breaking-up of applied layers brings the hidden secrets to light again, the chaos fades and harmony emerges. Constant change and experimentation are also form-giving elements in her collages on cardboard. The viewer recognizes techniques, newspaper fragments, manuscripts, embroideries and details of photographs - all other forms and structures are new and surprising. The fine lines and colors as well as the technique lend these works a poetic lightness that also characterizes the artist herself.


Exhibition at the Galleryhotel with Sue Irion, Rosa Lachenmeier and Marlies Achermann-Gisinger from January 2019 to Summer 2020

Vernissage: 28th April 2019


If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail