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Especially business people who travel a lot enjoy staying in rooms which are not like the hotel rooms they know from their visits throughout the world. We do everything to make our guest feel at home and not at an anonymous hotel. All our rooms are non-smoking rooms and dispose of CD-radio alarm clock, television, Nespresso coffee machine for free use, safe, mineral water, telephone and Public Wireless LAN installation. The rooms at the Art Hotel can be reached via stairs.

The concept of the art room

The Teufelhof was practically the inventor of the art room, for it is the first art hotel of its kind. Essentially, it is about experiencing art in a new context. The idea is that the hotel rooms are realised as works of art and created as «three-dimensional art».  These spatially expansive installations, veritable realms of experience, place their own demands on residents, allowing art to be experienced in a whole new manner. In conventional exhibitions, the audience has only a restricted amount of time to pause and reflect before being disturbed by other visitors. If you wish to exclude these aspects, there is only one option: You must create “exhibition terms and conditions” which provide the opportunity to make such a work of art habitable and capable of being experienced individually. This is exactly what the principles of the Kunsthotel im Teufelhof Basel are based on: Here, in the hotel rooms, art installations are created that can be experienced in the truest sense of the word — by the guests, but also by the visitors. 

the new art rooms

A veritable revival in the true sense of the word. Artists who have already furnished an art room a few years ago came back and designed the new art rooms in January 2019.

The «Kunsthotel» has eight rooms and a suite, all of which are furnished as habitable works of art. The rooms are redesigned at irregular intervals. The idea is that the guests live in art and not, as usual, that art can only be seen on the walls of the rooms. This is an intention that has great significance in its implementation: Guests should be able to experience art in a new context. The 30th anniversary of the Teufelhof in 2019 is also the actual «guideline» for the redesign.

And this is how the rooms were assigned:

Room 1 Dumeng Secchi
Room 2 Dieter Meier
Room 3 Mickry 3
Room 4 Flavio Paolucci
Room 5 Ruth Handschin
Room 6 Dominique Thommy-Kneschaurek
Room 7 Hubertus Gojowczyk
Room 8 Karin Vidensky
Room 9 Lea Achermann

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