Rent the Teufelhof

The meaning of «Rent the Teufelhof» is as easy as it sounds. The Teufelhof literally drives all the way to your home. You can book our piaggio mobile for your event and you will also see it from time to time on tour in the region.

This trendy vehicule is equiped with a beer pump, fridges and a coffee machine. Under the slogan « Rent the Teufelhof », the Piaggio is able to reach any imaginable place in the region. Thanks to its optimum size, it can be equipped in numerous ways, always aligned individually with your event.

Our Piaggio is also an eye-catcher – book the Piaggio as a decorative piece for your next event at the Teufelhof, always based on your own imaginations and desires. The Piaggio can be one of many options to diversify your catering event.

Every event is extraordinary and needs individual guidance. We will simply come to you for a meeting. We are looking forward to hearing from you per email: