Shine & Dine

The Shine & Dine was renovated in 2009. The bright room with a lot of day light and the discreet art is suitable for all kind of meetings, workshops and conferences.& The room Shine&Dine offers as well space for lunches or dinners in a private setting for up to 65 guests. This room gets its name from the daylight, which pervades the room. There are hardly any limits set to the fantasy of organizing events thanks to the flexible setting with beautiful Vitra Design furniture.

Size: 60 m²

Shape: Rectangular

Light: Day light, dimmable lighning, room darkening through blinds

Technology: Standard technological equipment and air conditioning

Location: Ground floor of the Gallery Hotel

Seating arrangement

Block table
Chair circle


24 people
24 people
46 people
63 people
32 people
28 people
24 people
70 people


28 people
28 people
68 people
78 people
40 people
33 people
28 people
90 people