Salons in the Art Hotel

On the 1st floor of the Art Hotel you will find the rooms «Rudolf Linder», «Alex Fischer», «Gerber» and «Michael Baader». In this four interconnecting rooms we can accommodate up to 80 guests. All rooms can also be closed off individually for smaller groups. They offer space for 2 to 28 people and are suitable for business meals in an intimate setting and during the day for group work or workshops. Moreover the «Thommy-Stube» is available. A beautiful room on the ground floor, just beside the bar.

Size of the rooms

«Rudolf Linder» 29 m² (quadratic)
«Alex Fischer» 29 m² (quadratic)
«Gerber» 15 m² (elongate)
«Michael Baader» 19 m² (elongate)
«Thommy»18 m² (quadratic)

Location: Art Hotel, 1st floor

Technical equipment: flexible, analogue telephone connection, WLAN

Possible seating

depending on number of people and arrangement