«Heller Engel»

The name «Heller Engel», translated "light angel", for our first beer was inspired by the Teufelhof mother house.  This beer is dedicated to angels, God-sent helpers indeed.

Characteristics of «Heller Engel»

Unfiltered and crisp! A light, yet aromatic, full-bodied beer. Brewed from Pilsner malt, slightly caramelised, with hops from Tettnang and the Hallertau.


«Dunkler Teufel»

In the biblical sense, Lucifer, the devil, is a fallen angel who no longer wanted to subject himself to divine rule. The name was derived from the Teufelhof mother house and is brewed as a dark beer.  The «Dunkler Teufel», is translated wirh «dark devil»

Characteristics of «Dunkler Teufel»

A quaffable, not to bitter, dark beer. Brewed from Wiener and Münchner malt, slightly caramelized, with Magnum hops from Hallertau and another hop from the Spalter Select.



Local water from Basel, Pilsner malt and a little bit of sour malt are providing the basis for the pilsner-type lager beer. The magnum hops from Hallertau are responsible for the hoppy and bitter taste in the finish, so you see in the opposite of the «Engel», a real «Bengel».

Characteristics of «Bengel»

Pilsner malt, caramalz and sourmalt in balanced proportions result in our naturally turbid, sparkling and pilsner-like beer.

Be naughty, drink Bengel!