We enchant our guests with the varied facets of gastronomy, the hotel industry and culture. For example, the Teufelhof Basel has two restaurants: the Bel Étage fine dining restaurant and the restaurant Atelier. The sumptuous offering is rounded off by a Café & Bar and the wine shop falstaff, which is embedded in Basel’s historic city walls dating from the 11th and 13th centuries.

In addition, the Gast- und Kulturhaus Der Teufelhof Basel is a unique hotel with 33 rooms. These rooms are situated either in the historic building we call the Art Hotel, or in the more modern part of the building, the Gallery Hotel. The Art Hotel has eight rooms and one suite, all of which have been created as works of art to live in. Changing, thematically arranged exhibitions are held in the Gallery Hotel, which has 18 rooms, three junior suites and three suites.

Other key elements of the cultural offering include the classically playful theatre and the various works of art, which can be marvelled at in and around the hotel.

Our hope is for the Teufelhof to make visitors to the theatre aware of the culture surrounding food and the plastic arts, for gourmets to become inquisitive about theatre work, the art rooms and the exhibitions, and for admirers of the plastic arts to be taught to value the art of cooking and the stage.

For us, the guest should be a partner. A partner on a joint voyage of discovery through the worlds of dining, the hotel industry, theatre and art.

Values and commitment to quality

The guest is at the heart of everything that we do and is our raison d'être. Furthermore: Teufelhof Basel is a unique hotel. It is 100% privately owned and not affiliated to any chain or federation. We pay for ourselves without being purely commercial. 

The reason: We refer to ourselves as a «guesthouse and cultural centre». Our tagline reveals what it is that shapes our day-to-day operations: It is culture. It is an important component of our day-to-day operations and is supported with a substantial contribution from our budget.

Raphael Wyniger has been owner and managing director of the hotel since 2009. Our organisational structure as a privately run city hotel allows us to adopt an individual approach. 

All of the 68 employees of the Teufelhof attach great emphasis to personal service. The well-being of our guests is uppermost in our minds, and we all shoulder the responsibility that you feel at ease with us.

Do not hesitate to contact us if we can do something for you or if you have a request. We are always at your service. 

Our vision and our values are set out below. Measure us by these standards!

Our values:

  • We are guest-oriented and delight our guests with our passion, pride and professionalism.
  • We ensure high quality in all areas
  • We maintain a respectful relationship with all our stakeholders
  • We regard our employees as co-entrepreneurs; we respect them and acknowledge exceptional performance