Room 5

Room (size: 19m²) with twin beds (each 1m wide - we can fix them together if needed) with shower/bath. Artful rooms along the art concept of the Teufelhof - wired up in Teufelhof standard. The rooms are accessible by stairs only (due to preservation of sites of historic interest). 

The art room 5: «Silene the carnation at the roadside»

This plant has many names, even the Latin ones are an euphony:

Silene vulgaris, inflata, cucubalus, venosa.

A small but strong plant, which can also grow with its deep roots on roadsides. It is slender and elegant, has carnation flowers with five white petals and a round, «inflated» calyx with a fine net of reddish veins. It makes the plant unmistakable.

In the hotel room, the plant grows as a brilliant blue silhouette cut, enormously enlarged, up the wall and on the ceiling, where the carnation blossom has opened above the beds. Lying the structure and the surprising beauty of the individual forms can be seen. An open capsule scatters ripe seeds in the bath.            

The small botanical picture manual on the wall allows the visual jump from the abstract form in the hotel room to the real wild plant. Silene blooms all summer discovering is possible!

The artist: Ruth Handschin

Ruth Handschin was born in Basel and studied art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Basel, at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and at the Kunstakademie München.

She works with «flora non grata», the mostly unloved urban wild plants. On the basis of a scientific collection of plants, she creates drawings, form cuts and thus a wide variety of spatial installations, both temporary and permanent. Ruth Handschin lives and works in Zurich More about the artist can be found here:

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