Room 1

Room (size: 16m²) with twin beds (each 1m wide - we can fix them together if needed) with shower/bath. Artful rooms along the art concept of the Teufelhof - wired up in Teufelhof standard. The rooms are accessible by stairs only (due to preservation of sites of historic interest).

The art room 1:
The mobile of «Das Kunst-Paket»

My first «Das Kunst-Paket» was given to me almost thirty years ago. Since then, the mobile attached to the double page in the book «Movement» has accompanied me through life - I have looked at it for countless hours and never got tired of it. Well, why?

It is surely connected with its refined simplicity:

  • The choice of geometric shapes could hardly be more elemental - yet: the round shape is not a circle, but a ring surface (and it repeats itself teasingly in the suspension).
  • The colourfulness is simple only at first sight - at the second (and third) it is manifold and playful in its sound and its gradations.
  • The light in the room that intensifies, weakens or even falsifies the colours depending on the situation.
  • The arrangement: sometimes very «orderly», sometimes rather «chaotic», instead of square and rectangle we see parallelograms again and again, sometimes one or two parts seem to be missing.

... then probably also with the ways of looking at things:

  • If I take the time to follow the movements, I can perceive the slow change of the view, the moment of reversal, deceived expectations ...
  • If I only look at it from time to time, I see a new composition of the same elements each time, as in a series of abstract paintings.

Comparable to early works by Jean Tinguely, who had different forms rotated in a frame on the wall with the help of a hidden drive. Random serial image production was also later adopted by many artists. Here - as with Tinguely - it is up to the viewer to perceive and recognize a single arrangement as something special.

Avoid all hustle and bustle.
Do not touch.
Blow gently (if at all) and only briefly.

 The Artist: Dumeng Secchi

Dumeng Secchi was born in the Engadine, grew up in La Spezia (Italy) and studied in Zurich, where he graduated as a secondary school teacher.

Air, flying and hovering are themes that accompany him throughout his life and which he explores in many different ways. First glider models were created, then kites, gliding kites, solar balloons (more in the film «aria», Televisiun Rumantscha 2000). Increasingly also spatial installations, preferably outside. Stripes were often a theme: freely movable or tightly stretched, as in his last Teufelhof art room in 2006.

The work installed in the art room 1 in 2019 is rooted in the contemplative aspect of his works as well as in his activity as a teacher for drawing and design. Now he is working on collapsible and easily portable sailing ships and lives in Basel.

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