Room 9

Suite (size: 84,5m²) with two separate rooms (on two floors) with a living area with a davenport and sleeping area with a double-bed (king size) and a bathroom.

The art room 9: «The canopy room»

An oversized nudibranch trophy, a wall object made of white fur, the watercolor of a brain mutated in love and the oil painting of a sphere - the strange objects and pictures in the entrance area are reminiscent of scientific illustrative material - only that they seem to come from another world. Those who climb the stairs are immersed in patterns, colour and light. The generous painting appears like a light and condenses over the bed into a canopy. Fine nuances of colour and irregularities awaken the desire to observe.

The artist: Lea Achermann

Born and raised in Altdorf, Lea Achermann moved to Lucerne for her art education, where she now lives with her two daughters. During her training as a visual artist she completed a semester abroad at the painting department of the Academie voor beeldende kunst en vormgeving in Enschede NL. Studio scholarships led her to Paris, New York and Chicago for longer stays. In addition to her teaching activities, Lea Achermann is artistically active in various fields; depending on her ideas, she creates paintings, drawings, photographs or three-dimensional objects. Her interest in space and her desire to help build reality have made building art a focal point of her work.

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