Room 6

Room (size: 21m²) with twin beds (each 1m wide - we can fix them together if needed) with shower/bath. Artful rooms along the art concept of the Teufelhof - wired up in Teufelhof standard. The rooms are accessible by stairs only (due to preservation of sites of historic interest). 

The art room 6: «The Butterfly Effect»

In the summer of 2018, the lawn in our garden turned into a barren wasteland for the first time. However, this phenomenon did not only affect our garden. All around, the agriculturally used fields also dried up.
So I wondered whether, despite my advanced age, I would still be able to experience when we and our neighbours would equip our gardens with artificial grass so that we could continue to enjoy our garden parties as usual in green surroundings.
When I was asked by the Teufelhof to design an art room, my thoughts and considerations revolved around the problem of environmental pollution.

The "nonlinear dynamics" question how any small changes in the initial conditions of a system affect its development. There is also a pictorial illustration of climate change, the so-called "butterfly effect". It poses the question: "Can the wing beat of a butterfly in Brazil trigger a tornado in Texas? And so one can also ask: "How will the environment change worldwide if I throw away a plastic bag?

The artist: Dominique Thommy-Kneschaurek

 Dominique Thommy was born in Basel in 1943. He attended the preliminary course for design at the Kunstgewerbeschule. He then completed an apprenticeship as a decorator with the long-term goal of becoming a stage designer. At the same time he took classical ballet lessons. He then trained as an actor at the Westfälische Schauspielschule in Bochum, which he dropped out after one year to complete his studies at the École internationale de théâtre of Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Already during his training with Jacques Lecoq he was accepted into the troupe of Jean-Louis Barrault / Madeleine Renault at the "Odeon", Théâtre de France, in Paris.
He then founded the "Cabaret mimique" with Albert leVice. In order to be independent of organizers, they planned and realized together "Das schiefe Theater", a small mobile theater with a closed, heatable theater space for 120 spectators.

It was followed by the marriage with Monica Kneschaurek, who was responsible for the seven-year European tour of the Lean Theatre and who supervised the technical aspects of the performances. After the tour he opened the "Theater/Café zum Teufel" in Basel together with Monica Thommy-Kneschaurek. A self-subsidy model, which financed the theatre through the catering business. After a further seven years, planning began for the "Kultur- und Gasthaus DER TEUFELHOF BASEL". After six and a half years of litigation over the building and alcohol licensing, the building was opened on 28 April 1989. While Monica Thommy-Kneschaurek was responsible for the economic and gastronomic part of the "Teufelhof", Dominique Thommy was responsible for the theatre programme and exhibitions. In this capacity, he also designed three series of eight art rooms each in the Art Hotel. After twenty years of operation, Monica and Dominique Thommy-Kneschaurek handed over the "Kultur- und Gasthaus DER TEUFELHOF BASEL" to Nathalie and Raphael Wyniger in 2009. In 2012 Dominique Thommy also handed over the theatre to younger hands.

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