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Room 8

Room (size: 24m²) with twin beds (each 1m wide - we can fix them together if needed) with shower/bath. Artful rooms along the art concept of the Teufelhof - wired up in Teufelhof standard. The rooms are accessible by stairs only (due to preservation of sites of historic interest).


The art room 8: "just tonight"

Without preliminary drawing or sketching in advance, the drawing is created directly on the wall, around the corners and across the ceiling. The artist is rubbing the black acrylic paint with bristle brushes on the walls and the bright areas are left out. The image develops only during the process on site and is increasingly compact and concrete.

No clear illustration of something concrete is being sought thereby, but rather a mood and a movement created in the room. The space becomes a kind of inner landscape, modelled by light and dark, density and openness, dynamism and energy.
It's all about the immaterial or fleeting things like motion, force and wind, the eternal back and forth between two poles as light and shadow, day and night, the up and down and the presence and absence of the body in a space. The empty spaces, the undrawn areas, are an important part of the whole image, similar to a break in a piece of music.
The artist is interested in the dissolution of a single perspective and in the creation of potential spaces that surround the observer completely. Depending on the angel of view - whether you are entering the door, lying on the bed or tarrying on the armchair - the complete image changes. The observer can move around the room, gaze and become virtually a part of the picture.

The artist: Julia Steiner

The artist Julia Steiner (born 1982, Büren zum Hof, Switzerland) lives and works in Basel. She studied at the Hochschule der Künste Bern, with a semester abroad at the University of Arts in Berlin. Her artworks can be seen in exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, as well as in international collections. She has won several awards and scholarships, among others the Manor Art Prize of the Canton of Bern, the Swiss Art Award, the Kiefer Hablitzel prize and scholarships at studios in Beijing (Galerie Urs Meile) and London (Foundation Landis & Gyr).

In her large-format drawings, she is interested in the creation of different image spaces and worlds of images. The observer can dive into the picture and go for a walk in it. Since 2011, she has been creating more and more space-consuming drawings, which transform whole spaces and continue to drive the dissolution of the image borders and the “being in the thick of it”. Parallel to the drawings and painted works, she creates sculptures and objects.

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or you can book by phone  +41 61 261 10 10  or by e-mail:

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail

If you cannot book online, please contact us by phone +41 61 261 10 10 or by e-mail