Room 7

Room (size: 13,5m²) with twin beds (each 1m wide - we can fix them together if needed) with shower/bath. Artful rooms along the art concept of the Teufelhof - wired up in Teufelhof standard. The rooms are accessible by stairs only (due to preservation of sites of historic interest).

The art room 7: «Hommage à Madame Wolf»

Room 7 got a book heaven for the opening of the hotel in 1989. Books were crowded to the ceiling. The book covers were fastened to the ceiling, underneath the pages opened.
One day Madame Wolf moved into this room and lived there for several years. She liked the idea of the texts floating down from the books and the view into the books. On the neighbouring bed she had spread out her reading material, books, newspapers, magazines and periodicals in several languages.
In memory of this reader in Room 7, parts of the ceiling and walls were mirrored. Books were now attached to the mirror surfaces at intervals.
People and things are reflected between the books, sometimes like in a mirror cabinet. The room height widens, the hanging book pages are reflected in the mirror surface. The book ceiling is apparently led through the door wall on the mirrored wall strip.

The artist: Hubertus Gojowczyk

The first book object was created in 1968. So far it has been followed by more than twelve hundred further adaptations, mainly of books, but also of sheet music and newspapers. In the course of time, half a hundred situation-related book objects and installations have been added, some of them in rooms such as the book-walled door in the Bel Etage restaurant of the Teufelhof, but much more exposed to the open air, wind and weather.
Work results were exhibited in Kassel 1972 at documenta 5 and 1977 at documenta 6, 2008 at the German National Library in Frankfurt.

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